Jun 15
May 07

Article in Holzkurier 19.20 (german)

Significant savings With CSM Heartbeat, Fellner Engineering has gained excellent reputation. So far, the system was only used in chipper lines. At Erhart Holz with a cutting of 60,000 solid cubic meters / y they even went one step further: In Vorarlberg you can now listen closely to a flexible edging... read more →
Oct 17

Article in Holzkurier 42.19 (german)

Audible improvement Acoustic saw blade monitoring pays off Listening is still the core competency of CSM Heartbeat. However, the system for acoustic saw blade monitoring developed by Fellner Engineering became increasingly automated over the years. Now, together with the new owner, Fellner Engineering is working on a fully automatic solution... read more →
Jul 19
Mar 08

Article in Holzkurier 10.18 (german)

Sawing c(r)ashfree Saw blade monitoring and control by sound analysis As one of the first users, HMS-Holz decided to use the second generation of CMS Heartbeat, the sound-supported saw blade monitoring and control from fellner engineering. With the first version of this easy-to-upgrade system, HMS already had great experiences.
Sep 10

Folder available in french

Now you can download our folder also in french. Le téléchargement du dossier - maintenant aussi en français.
Aug 10

Born Global Champion 2017

We are looking forward to the next award! These awards of the Austrian Economic Chamber go to young companies (founded in 2010 or after), which were active worldwide from the outset, offering innovative products and services and showing rapid international growth.
Jun 29

Schweighofer Prize 2017

fellner engineering gmbh receives innovation prize (German article) This year, the jury awarded four projects from Austria, Sweden and Switzerland - from university research to the singing saw. https://www.schweighofer-prize.org/winners/index.php?lang=EN Photo: Marie Zukal
May 18

Article in Holzkurier 20.17 (german)

Can you hear the "tweaking" of the saw blade? Acoustic monitoring of circular saws saves money CSM (Circular Saw Monitoring) hears when saw blades get in trouble and slows the feed automatically. In 2013, the first microphone was installed in the Stora Enso sawmill in Ybbs. About 50 systems are... read more →
Aug 28

Article in Holzkurier 34.16 (german)

The heartbeat of the saw The saw blades are the heart of each sawing plant. Their precision has an influence on the quality of the cut, their duration of use on the total cost of a plant. To conserve the saw blades, fellner engineering, Wiener Neudorf, offers CSM Heartbeat -... read more →