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CSM – circular saw monitoring

Listen to your saws!

With CSM Heartbeat and CSM Finecut systems you have the option of acoustically monitoring saw blades and reacting in a fraction of a second in case of a problem. The function of the saws is determined by many parameters. As soon as one of these factors deviates from its normal value, the saw blade starts to oscillate. This is recognized by CSM and the feed is optimized to a dimension that prevents the saw blades from vibrating.

Your cost saving

Higher productivity

better efficiency, higher throughput

Higher product quality

less waste, higher cutting accuracy

Lower saw blade wear

shorter set-up times, less sharpening work

Fewer complaints

higher customer satisfaction

Lower material consumption due to thinner saw blades

Reduced saw blade costs due to optimised maintenance cycles

the MAV indicates the real wear which determines the moment of maintenance

Return on investment (ROI) guaranteed in just a few months!

CSM Heartbeat – some of our satisfied customers

At the start, I could not have imagined that this system would deliver such a big increase in efficiency, especially as the measurement is so inconspicuous. Our saw manager and the sharpening experts are impressed – and I am now too.
Wolf-Christian Küspert, Managing DirectorGELO Holzwerke
With the help of the CSM Heartbeat system we could significantly reduce the costs of saw blades and decrease waste production. We also could better approach the (speed) limits of thinner saw blades.
Matteo Binder, Managing DirectorBinderholz GmbH
The additional control of the feed rate by the CSM system means the saw blades keep their rigidity significantly longer and do not become soft. This leads to considerably longer service lives and delivers a substantial cost saving.
Heinrich M. Seuffert, Managing DirectorHMS-HOLZ Gruppe

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